About Us

Gallery 13 North is a fine art gallery located in the heart of Lambertville, New Jersey. Gallery 13 North is home to a collection of 19th, 20th, and 21st Century European and America Art, encompassing works by both new up-and-coming artists and those of established and renowned masters.
We seek to serve a public of art lovers and collectors by exhibiting and selling interesting and unique works at appropriate prices. Our aim is to make art buying a fun and accessible experience by enhancing our exhibits with artist interaction, gallery tours, art lectures, and Q&A discussions.
For artists, Gallery 13 North offers sensitive, respectful and sensitive promotion promoting their work, both in our shop and more broadly through our website.
In addition to artwork, Gallery 13 North will, from time to time, feature interesting pieces of design furniture and decorative items, quality Americana and nostalgia, graphics and art related gifts, as well as unusual and hard to find books on art, design and creativity.

Meet Our Team
Majell Yerenburg has chosen to make a lifelong commitment to working in the arts, a dream she has held since grade school. Majell has a BFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University with concentration in Print Designs and two minors in Art History and Advertisement. A professional with diversified experience, from working for a prestigious art gallery in New York, to assisting Fortune 500 companies with art-related matters, as well as helping to represent nationally known artists and art dealers. Majell has been an enthusiastic advocate for contemporary artists and has striven to help both new and experienced collectors expand their collecting horizons and discover new artists and lesser known works by established masters.
In her free time, Majell enjoys reading artists' biographies, and keeping up to date with art-related news, emerging artists and trends in art, and being around her number one love - her dog name Sakura.
Majell Yerenburg

Gallery Director

Lesa Burt is delighted to be working at Gallery13North. Lesa is a native Californian with a background in business and science. Lesa made the move to New Jersey four years ago. Lesa has a lifelong passion for art which stems from her childhood with art enthusiast parents who owned an art gallery in Mexico.
Lesa loves having access to the incredible range of fine arts and performing arts events throughout the east coast. In her spare time, Lesa loves to cook, to explore the many galleries of NYC as well as the Metropolitan Opera.
"Always remember to smile and the sunshine will shine brightly on you."
Lesa Burt


"Art is my life. Without Art, we will not see the beauty around us."